How Do You Know What Your Business Design Will Look Like?

You're conceptualizing a new restaurant, office space, or other commercial property. You're working with qualified designers who understand your vision for the space, and they are presenting great ideas for your project. But without seeing a final product, it can be hard to get a picture of what the space will look like. Here are some solutions that will give you a clearer picture before you give the go-ahead to your construction team. 

Architectural Rendering

Architectural rendering is a very cost-effective option for exploring a building idea. You can walk through various elements of the building's structure with a 3D computer model. Architectural rendering can be very detailed, including landscaping detail, paint colors and textures, and many more details. Rendering can also be bare bones, capturing just the basic outline of the building. It's up to you to balance cost and detail; you could have your designers spend a few hours mocking up a design idea, or you could want a fully detailed rendering to present to your stakeholders. 

3D Modeling

Some people don't take to a computerized design, and that is where accompanying it with physical models can be helpful. 3D printing makes it even easier to print these models. Those who are kinesthetic learners are likely to want to get their hands on a 3D model of the space before they approve a design. However, 3D models are not as agile as architectural rendering, which you can edit on the fly as new design ideas are incorporated into the vision for your business space. 

Visiting Similar Projects

You may be the type of person who needs to actually stand in the space to understand certain aspects of the design. Your design team might want to show you details from already existing buildings that are similar to what's going into your project. It may be helpful to go visit sites with similar lighting fixtures, or a similar configuration, for example, so that you can visualize what that detail would look like in the real world. 

Not fully exploring an idea for a business design can be very costly if you end up not liking the final product, or if you miss some important details that affect the quality of your customers' experience. Thus, it is a good idea to try and use as many of the above options as possible to explore the idea and make course corrections. Contact a company like WOODBOURNE DESIGN to learn more.