Creating A “Game Of Thrones” Bathroom: Ideas For You

As a big fan of the hit television show and book series, Game of Thrones, you may be looking for ways to transform an area of your home into an escape into that magical and mythical world. Creating a Game of Thrones bathroom is a great way to accomplish this. However, you may not know how to start on this epic project or what elements from this complex and exciting fictional world you want to incorporated. Get started with a few ideas for your Game of Thrones bathroom and you will have your new bathroom before you know it. 

Install A Dragon Shaped Faucet

Who says that bathroom faucets need to be plain and the same as everyone else's faucet? There are many different types to choose from. However, no Game of Thrones bathroom would be complete without at least one of Khaleesi's dragons. 

You can actually find faucets in a variety of shapes, including dragons. Although, instead of breathing fire, the dragons will breath water into your sink. These unique and interesting faucets will surely set the tone for your themed bathroom remodeling project. 

Turn Your Regular Throne Into An Iron Throne

For the most part, your toilet is a bathroom fixture of necessity rather than decoration. However, with one simple alteration, you can change that. 

You can turn your bathroom throne into the iron throne quite easily using wall decals. These decals can be peeled off of their packaging and stuck directly to your walls. They are removable if you need to readjust the positioning.

If you are more artistic, you could also paint the iron swords onto the wall behind your toilet. And, even further, you may be able to have a more accurate replica custom-made by an artist. However, this would be extremely expensive and take a great deal of time. 

Add Shower Curtains and More

With the sink and the toilet fully themed, you only need to add in the details to complete your Game of Thrones bathroom. A shower curtain complete with the emblems for one or several of the family houses, a likeness of your favorite character, or a map of the Game of Thrones world will help pull your theme together. 

Additional details can include another dragon to hole your toilet paper, hand towels with quotes from the show, and even your favorite house emblem painted on the wall will put the finishing touches on your bathroom design. 

Now that you have a few ideas to get your started on your Game of Thrones-themed bathroom remodeling project, your new bathroom with be ready to use before you know it.