Beyond The Interior: Tips For Staging A Home’s Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to home staging, many homeowners looking to sell place a strong emphasis on the interior of the home. And while it's true that staging the inside of your home is important and can greatly increase your chances of making a sale, you shouldn't neglect your outdoor living space in the process. Specifically, there are a few steps you may want to take to stage your backyard space so that it appeals to prospective buyers.

Keep Decor Elements Neutral

When staging your home and outdoor spaces, keeping things neutral is key to appealing to the widest audience of buyers. This means removing any furniture or lawn decorations that are excessively bright in color or that have unusual patterns on them. For example, those pink lawn flamingos that you've grown partial to might need to go into storage while your home is on the market.

Clean and De-Clutter

Nobody wants to step into a cluttered outdoor living space, so take the time to clean and declutter your outdoor space in the same way that you would the inside of your home. Place yard tools, such as lawn mowers, shovels, and wheelbarrows into your garage or storage shed. Make sure the yard is cleaned up of kids' toys so that they aren't scattered everywhere to the point of becoming a tripping hazard.

Set Up Inviting Seating Areas

While your backyard may have a great deck or patio space, you still won't want to leave your prospective buyers to imagine what those spaces would look like furnished. Help them better imagine and visualize the potential of the space by setting up inviting seating areas, bar tables, umbrellas, and other furniture in outdoor areas. If you have a fire pit, draw attention to this selling point by setting up Adirondack chairs around the pit. 

Add Pops of Seasonal Color

Depending on the time of year when you're looking to sell your home, there are some landscaping options you may want to consider for adding fun pops of color to your outdoor space. Hanging flower baskets are a great option during the fall, whereas tulips and daisies in your mulch beds may be ideal for spring. These small additions can make a big difference when it comes to a buyer's first impression of your home's outdoor space. And who knows? That impression just might lead them to make you an offer on your home.