Showcase Your New Blinds With Homemade Window Toppers

If you enjoy the privacy that your new blinds provide you with, but would like to add some detail to each window that they cover, make homemade window toppers with fabric and a few basic materials. Once finished, you can hang up your window toppers and will be able to appreciate the added beauty. Window toppers are easy to make and simple to maintain. Follow the steps that are listed below to make some in your spare time.

Purchase The Following Items

  • fabric (two kinds that complement each other)
  • measuring tape
  • self-adhesive trim
  • curtain clips with rings
  • curtain rod
  • scissors
  • iron on appliques
  • iron
  • cloth 

Measure And Cut Fabric

Measure the width of each window and determine how many strips you would like to place across the top. Measure the width and length of the first strip and cut the fabric so that it is the proper size. Use this piece as a guide to use when cutting the rest of the strips. If you are going to use two different colors or patterns, cut equal amounts of both kinds. 

Attach Trim And Add Appliques

Add self-adhesive trim across the bottom of each strip. To do this, cut out pieces that measure the width of the strips. Line up the trim where you would like it to appear and peel off the paper backing. Press the trim firmly onto the fabric strips. Add a pretty design or letters with iron on appliques.

Place each applique on a surface that is protected by a cloth. Turn the applique over so that the part that is being transferred is directly on the fabric. Press this area with an iron that is set at a low setting. After several seconds, the image will be transferred and you can move on to to the next fabric strip.

Hang Up The Fabric Strips

Press the end of of each metal clip and insert a fabric strip in between the metal pieces. The clips will keep the fabric secure while it is hanging. Slide the ring that is attached to each clip onto a curtain rod. Space each ring out so that the fabric strips are even. Whenever you would like to wash the strips, simply remove the clips and place the fabric pieces in your washing machine. Once dry, hang them back up. If the trim ever becomes worn out, remove the old pieces and add new ones in a matter of minutes. Contact a company like Brandt's Interiors & Workroom for more information about blinds.